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We are a leading provider of A2P (Application-to-Person) solutions based in Romania. Specializing in fraud detection, auditing services, and innovative SMS traffic increase connections, we help businesses optimize their communication channels for enhanced efficiency and increased sales

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Addressing increasing Spam and Phishing.

Increase the safety of your system with our Fraud Detection Software. We have implemented the latest Traffic Filtering and Monitoring features to tackle the issue of unsolicited spam messages or phishing attempts. Our team of Security Experts keeps track of new threats in the industry and regularly updates our software to ensure security of our clients.

High Performing Solutions To Increase Your Traffic.

Increase your traffic with vast variety of our connections. Reakon SB has developed a pool of reliable connections to improve your business and maximize the profit of your company.

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Increase A2P Traffic

Boost your A2P traffic with our exceptional connections. Maximize reach and engagement seamlessly. Unleash untapped potential, reach new heights, and achieve unprecedented growth. Unlock new possibilities today.

Free Testing

We provide a complimentary testing phase for our software solution, during which you can evaluate its performance and functionality at no cost. In addition to a Seamless implementation for effortless integration.

Post Paid or Prepaid Plans

We offer you the opportunity to pay after verifying the complete functionality and effectiveness of our solution, ensuring it achieves a 100% success rate and maximizes your A2P SMS traffic.

Fraud Detection

Empower your A2P messaging with our advanced fraud detection service. Safeguard your business and customers with real-time monitoring and prevention mechanisms. Maximize trust and deliver secure messaging experiences.

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